Adult nursing erotica

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John relents and the pair embark on a n adult nursing session with extreme sexual undertones that hint to both of them that maybe they feel more than just friendship for one another. Another suckling session later and Dawn's suspicions are confirmed as she spots John becoming aroused. She decides to risk it all, reaching out to touch the bulge beneath his pants adult nursing erotica things unravel from there, resulting in a gloriously filthy pay-off as John takes her hard and without protection, reciprocating her love and giving in to temptation.

I couldn't take it any longer. My hand darted towards his manhood, resting impotent on it as I struggled with what to do next. The fact that John continued to lap my milk without fault suggested this was fine in his eyes. Slowly I began rubbing up adult nursing erotica down along the swelling, feeling how stiff it was beneath his pants and expressing our hidden love for one another for the first time.

It felt almost deliriously relieving, like a giant load had been lifted from me. A fog of uncertainty had cleared and showed our raw emotions. I hoped John was feeling what I was. He continued to suck the nectar from me as though nothing else was happening, and barely moved a muscle when I began to unbutton his jeans. Each bursting pop seemed to release his cock a little more down his leg and I couldn't wait to see it for the first time.

John finally reciprocated, placing a free hand between my legs and rubbing at the warmth as his other hand cradled my bosom, scooping my breast into his mouth where he sucked hard on it, swallowing down each jet of hot milk and lapping up any stray drops. He moved from me for a moment to remove his t-shirt, pulling it over his head to reveal a well toned chest and stomach that I wouldn't have guessed he had. It was then our eyes locked for the first time and we looked into each other's souls. John smiled wide, his eyes glistening and I couldn't contain my glee, beaming back at him. It seemed confirmation at last that John felt the same way about me as I did about him.

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Adult nursing erotica

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