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The latest case of hacking and subsequent publication of nude celebrity photos has brought to light secretive websites where anonymous users request, trade and steal such photos without the consent or knowledge of the victims. It's known as non-consensual pornography. Users on anonymous image boards such as Anon-IB. Unlike revenge porn, which ordinarily targets ex-girlfriends and boyfriends, non-consensual pornogrpahy targets anyone, though most often young women.

On such websites as Anon-IB, every state has its own forum devoted to sharing non-consensual pornography. On the Arizonalike all the anonymous nude board s, users anonymously post images of local women in the nude, in underwear or fully clothed, then ask other users for help in finding more photos and videos of that person. In addition to photos, users often include a woman's first name and location in their post and, at times, other information that may help users find more photos, including age or school attended, despite the website's terms of service stating that users are not allowed to post personal information.

While hacking personal information is clearly illegal, sharing photos that are already on the Internet isn't necessarily and can depend on state laws, said Dennis Ogorchock, a detective with the Computer Crimes Unit at the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office.

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Anon-IB is one of many image boards modeled after such sites as 4chan. Although similar in format, Anon-IB is used specifically for tracking down nude and non-nude photos of women.

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Men are rarely targeted. On July 23, Arizona's revenge-porn law took effect to prevent disgruntled ex-lovers from sharing naked pictures of their exes on websites such as the now-defunct isanyoneup. Statute states: "It is unlawful to intentionally disclose, display, distribute, publish, advertise or offer a photograph, videotape, film or digital recording of another person in a state of nudity or engaged in specific sexual activities if the person knows or should have known that the depicted person has not consented to the disclosure.

So far, the Maricopa County Attorney's Office is not aware of anyone who has been prosecuted under the new statute, said Jerry Cobb, public information officer for the office. The website itself cannot be prosecuted for material posted by a person, Cobb said. In order for someone to be prosecuted, police would have to obtain a warrant to get that person's Internet Service Protocol ISP information.

Arizona Rep. Mesnard, a Chandler Republican and lead sponsor of the revenge-porn bill, said he believes that, under the new state law, it's possible to prosecute Anon-IB users who disseminate photos. However, in order to make a case, a victim would need to come forward and say, "I did not give anonymous nude board consent," Mesnard said.

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Ogorchock has doubts as to whether the new law will anonymous nude board non-consensual pornography because the law includes the wording "intentionally" disclose victims' photos, which may count as a motive. The FBI's Phoenix division and the Arizona Department of Public Safety said they are aware that these types of websites exist but have not made any arrests under the revenge-porn law.

Some users stalk women through social media and public information. Others use illegal means, including password phishing, website vulnerabilities and programs that steal data from cloud servers, personal computers and smartphones. These types of programs are rumored to have been used to steal photos and videos from Jennifer Lawrence and other celebrities, according to Wired magazine. Some programs exploit weak passwords to guess a user's iCloud information, said Christian Schreiber, information-security officer at the University of Arizona. That, combined with other software, allows hackers to download the iCloud user's backup data, including images and videos, Schreiber said.

Apple's internal investigation found no evidence of a breach on iCloud and said the celebrity s were compromised as the result of a "very targeted attack on user names, passwords and security questions, a practice that has become all too common on the Internet.

As of Thursday, Anon-IB. It also said "thank you J. However, it has a backup counterpart, AnonIB. It started inwhen someone hacked into Jacobs' Facebook and changed her profile picture to a nude photo of her.

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Byher pictures were all over the Internet, including a subsection on Anon-IB devoted to women from Boston College, the school where Jacobs was an undergraduate. Users posted her pictures, e-mail address, where she went to school, her college degree, thesis topic and when she was going to give her next presentation, she said. The harassment culminated in users posting the information for her next professional conference and encouraging each other to meet her in person and solicit her for sex. Jacobs e-mailed Digital Millennium Copyright Act takedown notices to more than websites, but Anon I-B refused to take the pictures down.

Answer: The cloud is a way of storing photos, documents, e-mail and other data on computers located elsewhere, so you're anonymous nude board using space on your computer, phone or other device. Amazon, Apple, Google and Microsoft all offer cloud-based storage.

Smaller companies like Dropbox and Evernote do, too. A: For the most part, yes. Companies invest a lot of money to ensure that people's private information stays private.

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Another way to make your information harder to hack is called multifactor, or two-step, identification. That means the first time you log on to an from a new device, you are asked for a second form of identification. Usually, that involves getting sent a code as a text on your phone or an e-mail.

A hacker who has your password would still need physical possession of your phone to get the text. A: You had to have ed up and agreed to the cloud services' terms of services, but that might have happened long ago, as you were setting up your device. A: Yes, if you use the same password for online banking that you do for other sites and if you don't have multifactor identification on your banking website. But, generally, financial information is among the most protected online.

Information is encrypted, or scrambled, in transit. You can tell if a site does that if you see anonymous nude board rather than "http" before the website address. A: They should not. Settings vary for different cloud services, but most of them delete information from the cloud when you delete something from your phone or computer, at least once the device has had a chance to sync with the online service.

You can check online, however. All the cloud storage providers have websites you can into to check out what information is being stored. A: Check your phone or computer settings if you don't want your photos and documents stored online. There are other ways to store information, including using an external hard drive or your device's own storage. Facebook Twitter. Nude-photo-sharing sites prey on regular women, too. Ryan Van Velzer The Republic azcentral.

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