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Return to Sexuality Forum. Psychology and Mental Health Forum. Advanced search. Our partner. Forum rules. Post a reply. Over 50 and Bi-Curious by HappyJack » Sun Sep 30, pm I am a man in his 50's who has occasionally thought about a same sex experience for a little over years. I first thought about it bi curious forum my ex-wife brought up her curiosity. I found her thought process interesting as she was curious as to the psychological aspects of being hetero and wondering if being such would allow her to enjoy giving and receiving sexual pleasure to another woman.

She asked me if I had ever thought about it and at the time I never had. She asked me to give it bi curious forum thought and I did but I really couldn't determine whether it wold be a positive experience or not. I've always believed in the phrase, "Our biggest sex organ is our brain. However, when we did discuss the topic, I found it to be somewhat arousing as well as she did and sometimes used it in 'sex talk'. After our divorce years ago, I rarely thought about it being busy with life and dating etc.

After my last relationship I decided to just take a break and be free for awhile. Then the thoughts came back and I decided I wanted to get a better understanding of why I had these thoughts and decided to do some research. Unfortunately there isn't a lot out there, at least in an intelligent manner. I've been to some forums relating to sex trying to get a mature, meaningul discussion with someone, but end up getting bombarded with offers of cyber sex, web cam-ing etc.

My curiosity is mufti-faceted and complex and sometimes I feel embarrassed and confused sometimes but know I need to get a better understanding of this aspect of my sexuality. I'm not looking for advice or answers, more just someone to bounce thoughts and feelings off of without being judged or hit on. Thanks, Kevin. Re: Over 50 and Bi-Curious by woodpecker » Mon Oct 01, am Hi Kevin, I am in my 50's and have for a while now had an interest in giving a guy a blow job and just getting naked with a guy and having soft fun.

I am not interesestd in anal in any way, just cock play really gets my interest, I mean does this make me gay? Its odd but not sure if I would have the nerve to carry it though. Re: Over 50 and Bi-Curious by phxbot » Tue Mar 05, pm I am in my fifties and only recently started receiving anal from men at gay bathhouses. It really turns me on but I don't think I am gay. I am only attracted to women, and the thought of kissing a man or having him get me off is repugnant.

I simply love the feeling of being entered and controlled and dominated by random men. I don't think this makes me gay. At feel at home with her Re: Over 50 and Bi-Curious by HesDeltanCaptain » Thu Apr 25, pm I'm not a fan of the various orientation terms like hetero, bi, homo, and instead prefer simply, "sexual.

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The terms and supposed importance of them simply didn't exist or matter. But we do seem to love categorizing things including people. So my opinion would be bi curious forum simply a sexual animal who enjoys sex. After a lifetime of sex being with only half of humanity you're naturally coming to grips with a man can have sex with another man doing 2 out of 3 of your favorite thigs.

Re: Over 50 and Bi-Curious by april3ram » Sat Jun 15, am This is something I always wanted to let out so this seems like a safe place to do so, here goes: I'm also a male in my 50's and wanted to share my experiences as well. I have always been attracted to women and have had numerous girlfriends and random sexual encounters with women over the years.

So when I was in my early 40's I fell in love with a lady, 2 years later I found out she had been cheating on me the whole time. I was devastated and completely distraught to the point that I was actually thinking about giving up, suicide! I had suffered from depression since I was and had major trust issues already. So the back story is that I had always had had these fantasies of giving oral to a man but felt so guilty for having the thoughts, I thoulght there was something wrong with me, maybe I WAS gay.??

I just remember getting oral from girls and they seemed to enjoy it so much, especially when I came. I would watch oral porn to see how they were doing it so that when the time came, I would do it correctly. Well, I guess I used that broken heart as an excuse to go look for it, I said F-it!

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I have nothing else to lose so I'm going to try it! So, I did and I liked it very much and found it very enjoyable until afterwards. I felt really bad but it kept happenning over a 10 year period, even while I was in other hetero relationships.

Then my sister died in as I held her bi curious forum and watched her die right in front of me. I was so close to her and was devastated and felt completely lost, not knowing what to do with my anger and extreme sadness, I sought out more encounters. I found these video arcades in the porn store with video viewing booths with basically a glory hole connecting the two booths. I won't go into detail but you can figure it out. It was a very new and erotic experience. It became a strange obsession for me but It did distract me and I did feel better for short periods of time but that would quickly fade away.

I dont drink or do drugs but I was willing to do almost anything to numb the pain I was going through. Today I really have no desire to get into this again so I dont think I am gay, I think I was just acting out as I have always done when I get frustrated and my needs are no longer being met. Has anyone else had any similar experience? Re: Over 50 and Bi-Curious by HesDeltanCaptain » Sat Jun 15, pm As a bisexual myself I maintain everyone's inherently bi, and it's just that since reproduction requires heterosexual behaviours, most gravitate to it believing since Nature set it up that way, bi curious forum must be "normal.

Choice of who to pursue for sex is just that, a choice. How the choice is set up is a more involved discussion, but we're not automotons, and wont drop dead if we never have sex. So deciding to have sex at all involves choice. I think the problem with the whole gay or straight or something else discussion lies in how we believe some term used to describe orientation must be used, yet until their actual invention people were simply men, women, or some interesting combination and had sex.

A man was still a man regardless of who or what he had sex with, and many men were defacto bisexual, especially in certain cultures like Greece and Rome. The thought of describing these men or women as straight, gay, or bi simply never occured. Abandon the labels altogether and just decide who ya wanna schtoop.

Re: Over 50 and Bi-Curious by loise » Tue Jun 18, am april3ram wrote: This is something I always wanted to let out so this seems like a safe place to do so, here goes: I'm also a male in my 50's and wanted to share my experiences as well. So the back story is that I had always had had these fantasies Today I really have no desire to get into ths again so I dont think I am gay, I think I was just acting out as I have always done when I get frustrated and my needs are no longer being met.

Re: Over 50 and Bi-Curious by davidcharles » Thu Dec 04, am I'm a mid 50s male and have very strong urges for sex with another man.

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I've had them more mildly for years but it really came on strong in my 50s. In my fantasies, I'm always on the bottom, taking hard anal from a strong younger!! I fantasize about being dominated and even mild humiliation. I fantasize about giving oral sex to a man. But oddly, never him sucking me and never me 'topping' him anally.

My wife knows all about it and I've urged her to 'role play' for me but no luck yet. I'm patient! You have to be patient when you're asking someone to step out of their gender, lol. I don't know or really care what it means to be 'gay'. I'm old enough now where it's all just sexuality and you are who you are, moment by moment. Nothing to get hung up about, either way. Re: Over 50 and Bi-Curious by Myotherlife » Thu Dec 04, pm I agree with the original poster — it's bi curious forum to categorize people sexually, except, perhaps, in very broad strokes. I seem to be heterosexual. Porn picturing couples or just men can mildly stimulate me, but more because I imagine myself in their shoes, so to speak, or better, in their panties!

As I have become older I'm closing in on 71I have begun to fantasize about homosexual relationships, especially anal sex as a top and bottom, but I have never met a man that I would want to have sex with. I'm not even sure what such a man would be.

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