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Seeing his crush at works stirs dormant feelings within him, and he won't be able to hold himself with how sweaty Big Macintosh is This is my first brush with MLP, and my first brush at pony porn. Anyone who recognizes these characters, be warned that this was a long-time request and everything inside was requested.

Oh, and if you want to be a smut squire, or one of my Bloody Squires, kindly ask me. And also, comment if I should start titling the one-shots with the titles I come up for them. I'm sure there should be some diversity for my one-shots since I come cuntboy stories with titles that match the pairing.

Anon always wondered to cuntboy stories what it must be like to live on a farm instead of a house with a simple yard. It made sense-getting work done to improve bodily health, growing your own food and earning a living on the fields. So as he walked to the Sweet Apple Acres down the way, he wondered what he'd look like in some overalls and button-downs Anon heard some grunts coming from near the barn, so he ran over there, hopping the fence with a dash.

His tread led him to the sight of Big Macintosh-Applejack's brother, chopping some wood. The red pony panted a little before swinging another axe down on the log stand, chopping the last block of wood in two.

He wiped his brow, flinging sweaty towards the unprepared Anon and dripped it on his face.

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Upon seeing him, BM dropped his axe and walked over to him while making sure to stay upright on his two feet. A stray thought entered Anon's head and his eyes trailed to BM's open pit. The human could just barely see the glistening perspiration within the confines of Big's underarm, sliding down his body and making his scent grow stronger. Anon's mind fluttered blankly before he finally responded with.

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Don't go just yet. Probably just gonna look like an idiot in front of his Macin. Nothing too serious for you. Anon followed, but not out of insistence It's happening again The barn was nice and quaint when the two arrived there. The inside was somewhat lit by the windows made for natural lighting. It was also empty, something Anon noted fairly quickly after brushing his black hair. Out of instinct, he backed away from the red pony, whose smug look was kinda scaring him.

I saw you staring His breathing was starting to hitch and a soft trickle ran down his leg. It was there when Macintosh suddenly grabbed Anon's head towards his armpit did the human realize that this whole thing had been a trap. Everything went dark and Anon didn't have the lung capacity to hold his breath long, so he was forced to breath in the musky air And might he say, it really ceased much of his struggles.

It radiated pure dominance, making his body react in earnest as he inhaled the powerful cuntboy stories into his body. His tongue cautiously poked out to taste the matted fur of pony pit and came across a lot of sweat that made his twat tingle. BM waited for the human to relax again before pushing his finger harder onto Anon's virginal opening.

He got a louder moan that he liked hearing. Yet, just as he was about to keep teasing, Anon pulled his head out from Big's pit, face slick with sweat-and not just the pony's own. Anon only stood there, panting all the while before he voluntarily stuffed his face into BM's other arm pit.

The pony murred, throwing his long mane back before resuming his attempt at fingering Anon's cunt. It clenched shut, making gently entry a bit difficult, but a little coaxing had it peek open a bit. Macintosh's finger was swallowed up immediately, being sucked on for all of its nonexistent essence.

The pony pushed in to the knuckle, hooking his finger inside of Anon's folds while the latter squirmed under his ministrations. Anon's labia was stubborn in relaxing, as it keep squeezing Macintosh's fingers tightly, enough cuntboy stories prevent movement. He had to force another finger inside just to keep it nice and spread.

Although after a few minutes, his own arousal could not be denied and he stopped altogether.

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I was so c-close Good, thought Macintosh. It makes what he had planned easier. It's just BM fell back, bringing the cuntboy stories along with him onto the soft hay floor of a stall. They landed with Anon straddling the red pony's legs.

Big's length was a monster in Anon's eyes, being what looked like a foot of meat jutting out like a spire behind the human. Good thing he lost his virginity playing with one of his "toys" at home. And get to it he did as he descended on the ebony phallus with his lips, kissing and licking and suckling everywhere around it. He moaned as he tasted the rank musk of a hard day's work on the farm on the fat dick, savoring it as his crotch grew more wet and dampened his trousers.

For a taste, Macintosh brought his fingers back around there and rubbed around the area, getting his appendages soaked. Ironically, as the red pony tasted Anon's feminine essence, he tasted of apples. A taste BM could live on if given the chance. Some time later, Anon's inexperience was articulately evident; he was only able to suck around it instead of the whole shaft and every time he tried to take the tip in, he gagged much too quickly.

When Macintosh's shaft was nice and slick with his salivation, he backed away from it, tasting what could be described as the salty tinge of pre-cum. He was nude in mere seconds, lining himself up with BM's cock. Just as he was about to lower down, Macintosh stopped him with a hand, showing how strong he was effortlessly. What's the magic word? Anon squirmed above him, trying to sink down on it already. He smirked at the slutty look on the human's face, wondering just how long it would take before he.

BM slipped his hand down to Anon's hips to hold him steady as he bucked upwards into Anon's pussy, making the human moan like a slut going through estrus. Seeing that there was no pain, Macintosh laid back on the hay cuntboy stories and let Anon take control. The human rose at the opportunity and began bouncing energetically on the horse cock lodged deep in his vulva. It slipped out to the medial ring every bounce up and cuntboy stories to the hilt every bounce down.

Any toy he's ever had paled in comparison to the real thing.

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His clit became engorged as his arousal spiked as BM's dick brushed against a sensitive spot inside of him. When that happened, it grew tighter for the pony below the riding cuntboy. His walls tugged on BM's shaft like a milking tube, sucking him in with all its might to get the cream it desired. It would have that wish soon as precum began shooting up Anon's vagina and further lubricating the entrance.

The human rode him faster, even going as far as slipping a hand down to his clitoris and cuntboy stories against it with his thumb. Anon suddenly clenched everywhere on his body and he couldn't help but cry out as his release hit him hard from all the stimulation. His fluids soaked the pony's cock, making it shine in the lighting from the sun. Macintosh nickered in pleasure as Anon's pussy convulsed around him, making him even closer to his own climax, but he held off, trying to get as much out of this as he could, lest he lose himself and Applejack comes back to see He grunted as the clamping became to subside, allowing him to really thrust into Anon.

The tired human only moaned pitifully in response as pleasure coursed through his body again. S-so big He could feel cuntboy stories rearranging his insides and dumping hot pre in his gut, making his body warm all over. He fell forward, pushing back on BM while his clit was ground against the pony's chiseled abs. He looked down at BM's face-scrunched up with his teeth bared-before stuffing his face back under the pony's pit again. His musky scent had not faded away and new sweat had formed, prompting the human to lick it all again.

Cuntboy stories

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