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What are you like as a care giver- I am very attentive when it comes to my little. I make sure that she has done all her basic tasks brush hair,brush teeth etc. I will try my best to always make sure there is a smile on her face. I like talking to my little at all times if she gets busy id like to know just so i know whats going on.

Very clingy if thats a bad thing. I have really cheesy jokes that are bound to make you smile. Now for rules. I expect them to be followed. If she breaks a rule then there will be punishment. What are you looking for in a little- i look for one whom can follow rules given and obey. Can talk about personal things and open up to me. Can talk and talk and talk about anything just to keep the conversation going. Can be goofy most of the time conversation or play a game of some sorts lastly what i look for in a little is daddy dom search and trust.

I want to be able to put all my trust in my little and not worrying that cheating will happen. Anything else- now im just saying this because i find this is what i am most attracted to are girls on the more petite side. And also blue eyes are my major weakness. Brunette though I dye my hair all the time. Some tattoos. Within 2 hours, I guess. I am graduating after this semester though, so who knows what life has in store for me. Ways to contact you: Tumblr: littlenerosse Kik: nerosse.

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You must be able to talk often, at least once a day, and should be able to stay up somewhat late at night, as I have insomnia and get lonely at night. This relationship will not be sexual until we are both comfortable, and I will want to be able to be friends with you before jumping into a relationship. My name is Gavin and I am the little of this relationship. I am 20 years old and I am a queer, transgender man. My little age is smol I am 20 years old and I am a pansexual, transgender man.

We also live in Oklahoma and are an interracial couple.

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We would prefer someone in the age range of ; however, older individuals can still be considered. Hey everyone, my name is Erik. I am an 18 year old caregiver. I am currently in college for film editing and producing, I also run a small YouTube channel with my friends. I also love going mountain biking and camping. My kik is uberman Message me on which ever one is better for you. I am kind, caring, shy and pretty innocent non-touched. Partner Preferences: Caring daddy to take care of me both sexual and non-sexual.

I just wanna meet a good person with a little sexy side. I love to give daddy alllll of my attention and affection.

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I wants a dadaaaa. I love to Skype and talk all the times. I like talking a lot, need a lot of reassurance. Sometimes sexy times. But not at first. Looking for a mummy or daddy- Mommy!

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Posts Likes i wont bite promise Submit a post Archive. Daddy dom in search of his princess Name- Garrett Names you like to be called-Garrett is fine for now but i get called garebear by good friends? Little girl looking for a Daddy! Poly Couple in OK, looking for a third Hello! Contact littlebabydinoboy. Contact info:Kik is easiest but tumbler as well Kik and tumbler sunglasses Looking for a little Hey everyone, my name is Erik. Daddy wanted!! I love to color and watch Powerpuff Girls! See this in the app Show more.

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email: [email protected] - phone:(663) 698-9527 x 2687

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