Emo names for guys

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Home More advice General Knowledge. I got 2, the first 1 I got from girls at school, they call me cutie ALL THE TIME and my second was when I had some friends round, my closest 3 mates who are guys and 4 close girls so we had an equal amount of guys and girls, I chose truth and the Q was what would you do to your girlfriend on your first night of having sex?

My friends thought I looked like her when I was younger. We shortened it to MandyLoo. Lota- thats how my boyfriend calls me sometimes, because his friends used to tease him a lot by calling him "Lord of the Devil". He used to play pranks on everyone, so he was "the Devil" at school He was like, if I'm Lord of the Devil, youre Lord of the Angels x Well, he shortened it to Lota and that how he calls me now.

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My name is Kate, just Kate. You'd have to ask them!

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Home Write Advice in. Emo nicknames for guys? Home More advice General Knowledge whats your nickname and how did you get it il start mine I emo boy becouse im emo and im a boy lol :P. Answer 1. Answer 2. I hae a couple of them. Snow White - because I used to have very black hair and very white skin. Chipmunk - I have chubby cheeks, I have since I was little.

Baby Doll - because of my white porclian like skin and blue eyes. Answer 3. Answer 4. Someone else asked this yesterdy. My sister started calling me Soya and it just stuck. Answer 5. Answer 6. Answer 7. Answer 8.

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I loved quesidillas, and my name is kassie. Answer 9. My nickname is Johnny as the one in the cartoon. Seems good to me. Answer More advice in General Knowledge.

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General Knowledge Why do guys call other guys gay? What are good nicknames for "Heather"? Any nicknames for the name chelseaa? What are some nicknames for the name Kelsey? What was penelope brewster's nickname?

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Are there more guys or girls in the world? Can kimber be a guys name? What is a cool nickname for Sarina? Who is better?

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Girls or guys??? What are some good nicknames for Angela? Nicknames for breann and elicia Do you guys know what "Hmong" is?

Emo names for guys

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