Feeding fetish

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A leading blog on the science of sex, love, and relationships, written by social psychologist Dr. Justin Lehmiller. Feederism has been described as "a fat fetish focused on erotic eating, feeding, and gaining weight" [1]. There are two types of people who exist within this fetish culture: feeders and feedees. Feeders are people who get sexual pleasure from feeding other people and seeing them gain weight. By contrast, feedees are people who get sexual pleasure from being fed by others and gaining weight.

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Feederism has been described in the psychological literature as a paraphilia —a term that means having an unusual or uncommon sexual interest. The basis for this book was a survey of 4, Americans who were asked extensive questions about their sexual fantasies, including whether they have ever fantasized about feeding someone else.

So as a recurrent or strong sexual interest, being a feeder would appear to be fairly rare. So where do feeder fantasies come from?

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There are a few different theories. Some have argued that feederism is an exaggeration of the fact that we tend to find food and eating mildly arousing to begin with. What researchers found was that feeding stimuli were rated as more arousing that neutral stimuli though not as arousing as sexual stimuli [1]. Perhaps feederism stems from these other interests. First, I feeding fetish that people who fantasized about being feeders reported that the partners in their sexual fantasies feeding fetish to weigh more, which supports the idea that these folks may be attracted to fatness in general.

Second, those who fantasized about being feeders reported more BDSM fantasies of almost every type, but especially fantasies about sadism, dominance, bondage, and discipline. So rather than just one of these explanations being correct, perhaps they all are to some degree.

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Feeding fetish

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