Forced feminization chat

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Doll yourself up with your new red lipstick, some eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow, blush, etc. Paint your nails red to match your lips. I do want you to wear your feminine undergarments. Pull your cock and balls through that tiny hole and leave your male sex exposed and vulnerable. Place a maxi-pad or panty liner feminine hygiene product in what is left of the crotch.

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Be careful not to zip your dick or ball sack up when putting on your pants. Wear the daintiest blouse you have and be sure to walk ladylike, swaying your hips from side to side. When you get into the store ask the clerk for the biggest, thickest, blackest dildo they have and purchase it for yourself. Then purchase the leather restraints for Me. Imagine that I have sissified you for a party, bound you until you cannot move with your ass stuck up in the air.

I have invited My girlfriends over for tea, and you are our entertainment. Imagine Me spreading the lube over your slutty and hairy ass slowly working that huge black dildo into your tight hole of a mangina. In and out, in further and back out, in, out, etc. My Girlfriend has duck taped a vibrator to your tiny male-clitty. Another has a strap-on dildo for you to suck, suck, suck until She is satisfied. Then with no regard to the pain, you may endure, I ram the cock full force into your slippery hole a few times and duck tape it so it cannot escape your trashy, slutty mangina hole.

The Girls and I have tea and use you as our footstool and extra table. Those who smoke, extinguish Their cigarettes on your naked flesh, and We throw you our half-eaten scraps as if you were Our puppy. A little slutty tramp to be used and abused. I wish I forced feminization chat be there to see you kiss that dildo. If you have a camera, take it along and ask the clerk to take a picture of you with your new sex toy. I will try to comply with YOUR orders though it might be difficult.

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I will do my best. I get paid again tomorrow, the 28th and Will be sending that tribute on Monday, Oct. If so, what did YOU think?

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I am so sorry that we can not meet on Tuesday, I was so looking forward to seeing YOU in person, even if it was just a brief meeting. I do hope that we can work something out for another time. I will be writing my other fantasy for YOU and e-mailing it soon. It seems to get longer and grosser every time I sit down on the toilet to masturbate.

YOUR sissy wimp puppy.

Forced feminization chat

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