Hairy hirsute women

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While conditions like polycystic ovary syndrome can cause the growth of such unruly hair, idiopathic hirsutism usually has no underlying cause, other than a higher-than-usual prevalence of androgens i. Women with the condition tend to grow thick, dark hairs on their back, upper-lip, breasts, chin, chest, or tummy, and battling the fuzz as well as the stubble and ingrown hairs associated with removal may lead to frustration and insecurity.

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While there are treatments available, like a drug called Spironolactone, which blocks androgen receptors and reduces testosterone, or creams like Vaniqa, many are costly. In addition to cost concerns, taboos about feminine hair growth, or just sheer embarrassment, can prevent women from seeking treatment let alone spreading their legs at a waxing salon or presenting their beard to a professional for laser hair removal.

Science of Us recently spoke with Renae M. Gylbert, a year-old program analyst from Virginia who is living life with a full beard caused by idiopathic hirsutism Gylbert has a blog and YouTube channel dedicated to the subject. When did you first notice that you had more body hair than other girls? When I was about 11, I noticed my first chin hair. My sister and I laughed about it, and I shaved it off and just went about my business.

Later, when I was about 15, I found myself with a freaking beard. How much facial hair are we talking? The hair is thick and dark and it goes from my sideburns to my neck and my chin. And what about the rest of your body? When I looked at the women in my family, I knew I was different. They were hairy, but not like me. I had no idea where it came from.

I thought I was cursed. I was the only woman I knew who had to shave her face every day. Did you tell your family? Since she was my mother, I listened and I tweezed and tweezed and tweezed praying to God that it would disappear, but it never did. From the top of my sideburns to the bottom of my neck, and it would take about two or three hours. It was hell, and I did that every four days. I was constantly thinking about it. It hairy hirsute women a nightmare.

I fixated on my beard for about 20 years. How did you control the rest of your body hair? I can get away with about two days between leg shaves. There was also some in between my breasts, but they were finer than usual and not as dark as the ones on my face. What other hairy hirsute women of hair-removal methods did you dabble in? I imagine ingrown hairs are a real pain?

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I could probably write a book about them. Read the rest of the interview at Science of Us! Weight Loss. United States. Type keyword s to search.

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Hairy hirsute women

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What It's Like to Be a Really Hairy Woman