How to fist your ass

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I here and see so much about this. I've tried several times, but have yet to get any more than 3 fingers in. I need to find a girl to do it for me instead. I had my boyfriend do it to me once and it was so intense I cam over and over. But I cant do it to myself and its driving me crazy. I can self fist. I find the best position to try it in is squatted with your preferred hand going into whatever hole from the front. You can use your other hand to push your fist in, obviously sometimes some force is required to get it in, be wary of your limit obviously.

Obviously tonnes of lube and stretching with smaller toys first helps incredibly, in fact I never start a session straight with fisting, it can be very painful, takes a few minutes to relax yourself and loosen up a bit. It took me close to 3 years of trying off and on before I succeeded. I was single, had noone else to play with, and had seen a couple videos of women fisting themselves anally, so I tried to do it myself. I was pretty lean and limber then, but I still got pretty sore doing it. Along the way, I twisted and bruised several fingers, my wrist several timeselbow, and shoulder several times.

I also strained my back a couple times, but I finally succeeded. My right arm was too muscular and couldn't get anywhere close to the right angle. My left arm was able to bend behind me easier so that's the one I used. I found on sitting on my heels or on my knees and elbows was easiest, sometimes backing how to fist your ass against a desk or door frame for extra leverage. As others noted, I was able to get 5 fingers up to my knuckles, then couldn't go any farther because my arms didn't seem long enough.

Almost a year of stretching, bending, and yoga-like exercises added the extra range of motion to finally let me get my whole hand in. I never got past my wrist by myself, but I enjoyed lots of toys and many many tries along the way. After several years, I finally found my lovely partner who will "give me a hand" when I need it. Whether you're able to fist yourself or not, enjoy trying.

I have tried several times, but I have never been able to get the angle of approach right to get all the way in. I started doing it just reaching behind from doggy, but my rosy started to hurt doing it that way, so I found that laying on my side, putting one leg straight Down inline with my body while pulling the other top leg up towards me had allowed me the access.

Can even get a few inches past my wrist on a good day. Since I have been able to insert objects up my arse that are the size of my hand I have also been trying to fist myself. This has been going on for about two months now and, though I came quite close to it, I have yet to insert the whole fist in my arse. I have been steadily increasing my attempts at it to the point that I believed it was about to happen any time now but again no luck. I must say that just the thought of it is inebriating so I am really determined to achieve that feat and I sense it could happen soon.

Me too, I've taken some pretty big toys big in my book, about 2. There's much more than just girth to put up with, the shape of hand, position and angle of insertion, my hands not being long enough etc. To compensate for all those "shortcomings" I should be able to insert toys much larger than my hand to successfully fist myself.

But it is so much fun trying, nevertheless! Between the size which is an obstacle that can be overcome with practice the length of the arms and angle of insertion is the real problem. Fist yourself? I can't even imagine that it's possible. How does your wrist flex enough to be able to get it in? Sorry I'm skeptical. I thought I'd never achieve such a feat even if I was fairly close to doing it; a few weeks ago I decided to give it up as, no matter the effort, it just wasn't happening.

I ready many 'how-to' posts on various forums, tried a of suggestions like sitting on my hand to force it in I accepted the idea that self-fisting was reserved for just a few anatomically gifted ones. Anyway, a few days ago, I was rinsing my ass to prepare for some anal fun and, incidentally, I used some particularly foamy soap that made my fingers slide in and out my butt-hole much more effortlessly than usual; so I thought I'd use the soap as a lubricant rather than the regular Vaseline. This somewhat instigated me to attempt inserting some larger toys which, to my surprise, I managed to do with little endeavor.

How to fist your ass, to cut a long story short, this paved the way for a few attempts at self-fisting. My ass was nice and loose but the soap just wasn't doing the trick so I got hold of a generous amount of Vaseline and the next minute my fist is fully inside may anal cavity.

What an insane sensation! My ass feeling crammed while, with my hand, I could feel the how to fist your ass of my rectum at the same time. It is true what they say: it is totally mind blowing! In order to have truly fisted yourself, you MUST get your WRIST fully inside and have your sphincter pop closed over it otherwise all you did was get all your fingers and part of your hand inside.

I have swum all my life. Self anal fisting is very easy and is something that my female lovers enjoy watching. Well I did know a surfer whose arms hung down almost to his knees. He didn't waste his time with such nonsense, he rode big Sunset and Waimea.

Switchablesusie, I think it was a legit self-fisting exploit, though not by much, but my sphincter was covering my wrist. It then became a problem with the insertion angle and body positioning. I still need a good warmup before I can attempt to fist myself. Anyway what did it for me was lying on my stomach and arching my back as much as possible to allow my arm that extra reach The problem with anal self fisting is not the size your anus can open to, rather it is a problem of arm length and the ability to contort your wrist to the angle necessary for full hand to the wrist penetration.

I'm only left wondering, just as I am with claims of men who say they have had fellatio with themselves. Why not have someone else do it? First of all you need to be heavily lubricated inside and around the anus. Then you have to slowly exert pressure as you twist your fist side to side. It will hurt but it will hurt so good. Read here more information what is bonus group membership. Various features here might not work at all. List Browse List by tags. Fisting Kinky. Views: Created: First post Can you fist yourself? Post I have tried bt cant get more than till my knuckles.

Have seen some vids of it happening but still curious and wantint to learn more to do it myself. What is the best position for a male to fist his own ass? Message me if you want to talk. I will try. I have been stretching for a while but cant get something that big in. Self fisting is kind of like trying to get your elbow into your ear. It must be hard. You need monkey length arms and a very bendable wrist. Perseverance finally paid off I have manged to fist myself! Exhilarating to say the least.

Just to be clear. In order to have truly fisted yourself, you MUST get your WRIST fully inside and have your sphincter pop closed over it otherwise all you did was get all your fingers and part of your hand inside Did you do that? If you can not, my heartfelt condolences. I live in front of "Pico Alto". Ah yes, I've seen photos. Have you surfed it yourself? It seems a hell of a lot easier and more fun. I have seen photos of "footing" posted here.

It's pretty amazing to see how to fist your ass that size going in. Liquidsky said: Sense some envy not jealousy? English is not my first language I don't even think so. I wouldn't be caught dead with a foot up my ass. I do agree. The fist is where it stops Hi, First of all you need to be heavily lubricated inside and around the anus. Sorry, Full sized images are viewable for bonus group members only. Save Cancel.

How to fist your ass

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