How to spot a cuckold

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The kinkiest newsletter on the planet! Get weekly s deed to make your marriage happier, kinkier, and more fun! And some couples progress toward cuckolding just to experiment around and then find out they really love it. May be you knew he was going to propose or maybe she was going to break up with him. The s are always more obvious when you are a third party looking from far away.

One of the most common s that you may be a cuckold is that you have a small dick.

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She would much rather enjoy a BBC or someone with a decent sized cock. Or maybe your wife is already thinking about cuckolding you already. Another tell tale that your wife wants to cuckold you is when there is a big decline in your sex life. When you were first together you probably had sex a lot right? Probably multiple times a week or even multiple times a day!

Well, when she wants to cuckold you, she may lose interest in sex together. And if you do have sex, the process is often rushed.

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She just wants to get it over as fast as possible. One of the very common traits of a cuckold is that you are naturally submissive to women. Now before I go further, I know that not all cuckolds are naturally submissive.

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They like to take charge and get hands on in everything. And this also reflects how they run your relationship. You have to run things by them.

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You have to ask to spend money. And you need their approval for a bunch of things. You would do anything to please her. If you are already in a female led relationship FLRthat is a good jumping off point to explore cuckolding with your partner. They say the biggest compliment you can get is if another man hits on your wife or girlfriendright? If you find a lot of men hitting on your wife…and you actually how to spot a cuckold seeing them do it, then you might be a cuckold. You how to spot a cuckold a mix of emotions — starting with jealously, but eventually it turns to arousal especially when she starts flirting back in a physical way — such as touching them.

Maybe she flirts with your friends more. Maybe she flirts with her gym trainer or the Starbucks barista. There are a lot of different ways to watch your wife have sex. Some cuckolds love to be under the bed while their wives have sex — not being able to see the action directly.

So if you are into voyeurism and love watching other people have sex, your wife may be able to turn you into a cuckold! When you find yourself already needing to seek permission or approval from your wife for things, you may be a good candidate for a cuckold. Well, if you have to ask her to spend money is a really good indicator. In fact, I have often said that women should control a man emotionally, financially, and physically! A cuckold relationship is a type of female led relationship where the woman is in charge. No to sex and often lots of denial!

When you are a cuckold for your wife, you will hear no more often — probably in the bedroom! Did you want to have a little quickie before work? If she said no and it turned you on, then you might be a cuckold. So if you find yourself getting turned on by the word no, then you are trending in the right direction.

Instead, your wife will gain pleasure from denying you and controlling your dick while she seeks out other men. In addition, men that are locked in chastity tend to be more submissive in general and that a common trait with cuckolds as well. That said, if your wife cheated on you and you liked it, it may be a that you are a cuckold.

When some men experience this for the first time, they may be angry, but then when they start to think about it, they start getting turned on and like it. Another that you maybe a cuckold is if you LOVE humiliation. Cuckolds love the humiliation that comes with their wife sleeping with someone else. Hopefully this list gives you a good idea of what to look for so you can decide which path you want to go.

Let me know in the comments! Of course I have been a cuckold for many years already. It just took me some time to realize it. My wife has been seeing other men since we were married. At first behind my back, then when I found out we agreed she should continue, and she has.

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Perfect my wife enjoys getting fucked while I watch and she and her partner humiliate and degraded me. She never had anyone do that she also played with her clit while I ate her ass and when she came her asshole squeezed down on my toungue. Another time, I went down on my ex and would orgasm while eating her out!! And recently bought a CBs, I wear for two days and can only think of sex. Everything in this list applies to me but the cheating part. However, I was also extremely hurt that my girlfriend well now ex-girlfriend would go behind my back like that.

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So I ended it. Another scenario is when that the beta male constantly looks at and lusts after women that are hotter than his wife but are ultimately out of his league.

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I have a big cock and my chastity is a gift to my wife I wanted to make. However, one common trait of cuckolds is not only that they are naturally submissive, they also tend to chose dominant women. The blog somehow does say it but in my view this should be item 4.

Also, if your wife earns a much higher salary than you do, that also puts you in a situation of having to accept many compromises. If you are submissive and earn much less than your wife, who also happens to be a dominant person, you are almost a cuckold.

You either accept it or you seek divorce. I chose to say and accept all her rules. Home — MyFemdomRules New? Start Here! Blog Femdom Games Cuckolding Captions. First Name. Comments The average dick size in the US and the world is Great article.

How to spot a cuckold

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6 s That A Man Is A Cuckold