Kik sexting scams

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Do you like using Kik Messenger or other messengers to kik sexting scams and communicate with other people? Well, beware and know about Kik Messenger scams. Continue reading to know the most popular phishing scamming schemes with the usage of Kik Messenger. Kik fraud is a kind of fraud organized by scammers by applying scamming schemes with the Kik Messenger app to obtain the money or personal data of a victim.

The Kik itself is just another sort of messaging app where you can chat and share content photos, videos, links in private chats. All you need is to have a wifi connection and a smartphone. It can be downloaded at the Google Play Store or Apple app store for free. Of course, such messengers can be installed by anybody and some people prefer hunting their victim in the form of online scams to get rich fast.

Messengers like Kik allow them to create s to do so. Unfortunately, the platform for communication turns into the hub of trickers. We gathered TOP-5 the most widespread scams in Kik Messenger so you get to know about how many ways you can be catfished.

So, beware of the following ones:. It is a widespread scam where scammers create s with fake girls on Kik or any other messenger. How does it work? For example, you are using one of the dating apps. There you found a pretty girl and once she asked you to write here in Kik to continue chatting. You did what she ask, write to her but then you discovered that she is one of the premium girls and wants you to get paid for her erotic photos and flirting messages.

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Once you send her money kik sexting scams will just disappear. Also, you may become a victim of a hearteater that uses online dating to make money and then break the hearts of beloved ones. She or he will chat with you only to earn your trust.

Once you get soft enough to manipulate you a hearteater will ask to send money ask for gifts, tickets to meet you IRL, etc. When you do it a scammer will vanish from your life. If it is a professional one a scammer will try to steal private information in the form of asking sensational questions during chatting.

If someday a woman or boy will know into your chat with a proposition to do sex on a web camera, masturbate together, and other stuff you should be very careful. Because if some strangers write to you like that there is a high possibility that they want to blackmail you after receiving such sensitive information.

This is even more serious rather than being tricked by fake dating girls and sending them a few hundreds of dollars for their needs. Blackmail scam is closely kik sexting scams to sextortion porn scams but there are other things. It depends on a person who is being victimized by scammers. Blackmailing can be prolonged and you can pay twice, three, four, ten times for being too trustful or ignorant. One of the popular ways to trick people is to send them text messages about how lucky they are to become a winner of gift card lotteries, becoming a 1 million user, etc.

The goal is to convince you to click on the link added to the text or calling on proposed s to get more details. Kik gifts scam is the same as others: you will be transferred to a phishing scamming website, get installed dangerous malware, or you will be asked to pay a fee for delivery of your prize. All of the mentioned scams can be performed by real people or specific bots. Moreover, the bot scam is very popular and easy to perform. If you have already become a victim of Kik scammers we are here to help! Follow this link to make a report that may help to resolve such unfortunate issues!

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Kik sexting scams

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‘I was humiliated’ — online dating scammers hold nude photos for ransom in ‘sextortion’