Labia fetish

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Ever since I can remember I have been extremely attracted to women with full labia minora, especially lips that that are thick and hang past the outer lips. I also like the look of "average" vaginas, but for some reason I am turned off by excessively small labia minora which make the vagina look like a line. To me, small labia resembles a young girl rather then a woman I know its genetic and not entirely true. I recently starting dating a girl, whom I like alot. She even has large breasts and large nipples, which are two of my favorite things aside from large labia.

We recently had sex and I found out she had very small labia minora, only visible when fully spread. I couldn't help but be dissappointed and felt terrible. I am not a labia fetish person, but I can't help what I am attracted to. I would never end a relationship over such a stupid little issue, but it has been bothering me.

I always imagine my perfect girl with large labia, and hers are the exact opposite. I want to try to get over this, any suggestions? I always imagined my perfect girl with large, dark nipples. My wife doesn't have those. Life goes on. Sometimes, you end up attracted to something because of someone. I was never really attracted to bald guys, but my SO is and now it is definitely a preference.

If you really care about her and think you can have a good relationship, physical attributes are secondary, IMO. As an aside: God dammit, this is the thread women need to read when considering labiaplasty. On topic: Only you can know if this is a dealbreaker to you or not. How heavily does this issue weigh against all the good things about her? I second this.

I wish that every girl that is insecure about her labia minora could be sent to could be sent to date me for at least one weekend before being allowed to have surgery. Okay, maybe that's a little too 'transvaginal ultrasound,' but I would at least like to counsel them on the beauty of big labia. I hear you man, I have the same preference and its a big concern.

Some labia minora are so small as to be as almost non-existent, and I almost can't go through with things. That being said, Its only ever been a dealbreaker with fuckbuddies-- if I really cared for someone I think I would get over it. But at least labia aren't functional to sex. Imagine how women feel labia fetish the problem is penises! And a lot of them don't let that be a dealbreaker.

If I have any advice, its try to focus more visually on the other aspects of her that you enjoy, breasts, face during sex. And work on getting to know her and creating intimacy when you are not fooling around. The more you come to care about her, the less you'll give a shit about something like that.

If your obsession with her labes never goes away, then maybe she's not the girl for you on an emotional level If she is open minded, you could try to convince her to use a pussy pump. If you can find a small one not a clit pumpyou could try spreading the outer lips so it only pumps the inner lips, but I am not sure how well this would work. I agree with you and don't know why people are downvoting you. A pussy pump is a great suggestion that might actually help OP's problem without him needing to break up with his girlfriend.

I labia fetish about to think "really? Here are my advice:. You may get used to it quite soon. A lot of times as your emotional connection evolves, not only do you overlook physical flaws, you stop thinking as much during sex so you won't be distracted. Understand your fetish. Why do you like it? Maybe it's the inherent connection to being aroused and engorged, Labia fetish don't know. Let's say that's the case.

Now you know what it is that's arousing, you at least have better control over your feelings, and maybe you can satisfy the feelings in other ways e. Try to talk to her about it. Not in the "I actually like THIS and well, I was a bit disappointed", but in a factual conversation where you're both comfortable. More like "do you have any kinks? Mine is this large labia. I can't control this feeling either. Maybe talking it out will make it easier.

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Labia fetish

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