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I work at a pretty influential firm in a big bustling city, people come and go from this job all of the time. A new secretary started working for me, my old one went on maternity leave and we needed to fill her position quickly.

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My new secretary looked as if she had just walked out of college, blonde hair, a petite frame, dark eyes and an intelligent head on her shoulders. She was a nipple clamp stories girl but she would struggle with keeping up with the tempo of the office, she shied away from the jokes and she never got involved in the office drama, which I respected.

She came into my office one afternoon with a stack of paperwork in her arms, she placed it onto my desk and lingered for a second, I could sense that she wanted to ask me something. I looked up at her and she made herself look busy, moving the paperwork around. I told her to stop and she did, patting down her skirt out of awkwardness. She was incredibly captivating, I had noticed it from the moment she had first started working for me.

Her eyes made me weak at the knees and she was very aware of it. I asked if I could take her for a drink after work and she said yes. After our fourth large rum and coke, we were laughing at just about anything. It was amazing sitting at this upmarket bar with her by my side, she was so interesting and drop-dead gorgeous. She kept on touching my arm and I kept on instinctively moving my hand to her leg. I wondered when she would ask if I had a wife, my wedding was a tell-tale but people wear so much jewelry nowadays that you can never be sure.

She did eventually ask and I had to come clean, I told her that I did have a wife. She looked disappointed but I told her that we were going through something right now, we were on a little break for a while. This seemed to reassure her and we began making out there and then at the bar.

I had missed this feeling. We made out passionately for ages, my dick was solid and by the way, she was moaning quietly and running her hands along my neck I knew she was probably dripping wet. I took her hand and we got into an Uber and headed back to the office, I told her it was a fantasy of mine, which it was.

We stumbled in through the door, locking it behind us and ensuring absolutely no-one not even the janitor was inside. It was totally empty and we made our way to my office, closing all of the blinds and dimming the lights. My office had a TV and a couch inside, I spent a lot of time here and it created a well relaxed atmosphere for clients. I pulled out a bottle of scotch that I had in my cabinet and poure d us both a glass.

Inside I noticed some nipple clampsthey were for my wife but she refused to use them and so I had left them inside my locked scotch cabinet and totally forgot about them. I put nipple clamp stories inside of my pocket and gave my secretary her drink.

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We both took a sip before she made her way to my desk and sat in my big chair, pulling up her knees to her chin and exposing her tight panties, I nipple clamp stories transfixed on her pussy it looked swollen from the position she was in. She asked me if I was going to punish her for being naughty, she then stood up and bent over my oak desk, pulling up her skirt and exposing her petite ass. I was taken aback but I made my way over to her and grabbed her ass, she moaned and told me to spank her so I did, with my free hand I slapped her ass cheek as hard as I could and she moaned.

I did it again and she moaned more, she opened her legs slightly and I spanked her once more before moving my hand between her legs and running my fingers up her panties and over her pussy. I went and sat on my chair and she stood up, leaving her skirt pulled up and she got to her knees, parting my legs and began unbuttoning my pants.

I felt like I was dreaming as she pulled my dick from my pants and began playing with it before putting it into her nipple clamp stories, she took it deep and even looked up at me from time to time with those amazing deep dark eyes. I pulled her head from my dick and told her to go to the couch, she did as she was told. She lay on her back and pulled her knees to her chin and then gently spread her legs open with her knees still next to her chin. I pulled her panties down her legs and over her feet, exposing her pretty pink glistening pussy.

I rubbed my hand over her pussy, coating her entire vagina in her own juice. I pulled at her top and exposed her breasts, I had always wanted to see them and here they were bouncing in front of me, her cute pink nipples aching for me to touch them. We were fucking like animals on the couch when I told her I wondered if she wanted to try something a little bit different.

She told me she would do anything so I attached the nipple clamps to her cute little pink nipples these are the nipple clamps we used and pulled on the chain gently. She moaned and told me she loved breast bondage. I pulled on the chain harder as I moved my head and began sucking on her pussy. She was so wet and kept on arching her body so that I would suck even harder on her small clitoris.

I kept on pulling at her nipples with the nipple clamps. She told me it felt so good and told me to lick her nipples, I did as she said and as I pulled on the nipple clamps I also took her cute pink nipples into my mouth and sucked and licked on them as she moaned out my name. I pulled her right up to my desk and then bent her over and fucked her, her pussy was soaking wet nipple clamp stories all I could think of was filling her with my cum.

She arched her back and pulled on the nipple clamps herself, moaning and trembling. My secretary then turned herself around and sat on my desk, opening her legs and inviting me in. I pushed myself deep inside of her and pulled on her nipple clamps, I was thrusting so hard, the sweat be running down my neck. She got onto her knees as I exploded my cum all over her chest, she pulled on the nipple clamps as my cum coated her breasts.

I stood there watching her bite her lip as she watched my cum drip down her torso. I picked her up and took her back to the couch and back onto her back, opening her legs I began sucking once again on her pussy and fingering her as she pulled on the clamps on her nipples. She began to tremble before cumming in my mouth and soaking the couch beneath her. The next day at work my office smelt of sex, there was still a damp patch on the couch but it was business as usual and not only did I feel zero guilt about my wife but I also knew I wanted to do it all again that night.

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Nipple clamp stories

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