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Keeping track of all the EBT information out there can be overwhelming. You can use it at stores that accept EBT. To be safe, you could also put a note in your calendar or wherever you keep important reminders. Your caseworker can confirm which rules apply to your household. You can use food stamps to buy groceries, snacks, and seeds or plants that will produce food. WIC food packages typically include cereal, juice, eggs, milk, peanut butter, dried and canned beans, tofu, fruits and vegetables, and whole-wheat bread. WIC packages also include canned fish and cheese for breastfeeding moms, and baby food for babies.

Once your child is born, your household size will increase. Fresh EBT is now Providers! New name, new look, new features. Learn more. Choose a topic. Check balance. About Access Oklahoma Card. Deposit schedule. Report changes. Get new card. Approved groceries. Approved stores. Local discounts. Find other benefits. News and tips. How can I check my EBT balance online? Download the Providers app to check your balance instantly.

Phone Send. What's the Access Oklahoma Card? How do I apply for oksnap stamps? The easiest way to apply for food stamps is online. How do I renew my food stamps? When will I get my food stamps? Oklahoma sends out benefits from the 1st to the 10th of every month, based on the last digit of your case. See the schedule. What household changes do I have to report and when?

You should report: If anyone moves in or out of your household. Financial changes like income, rent, savings, or child support. Work changes. How do I replace a lost or stolen EBT card? What can I buy with EBT? Learn more about WIC. See the full SNAP food list. Oksnap stores and restaurants take EBT food stamps? Can I get any discounts with my EBT card? Your EBT card can get you and your family discounted or free admission to museums, theme parks, zoos, aquariums, and more. Get oksnap. WIC provides food and resources for pregnant women, new parents, and children up to 5 years old.

TANF provides monthly cash assistance to help families with children get by during tough times. Learn more about TANF. Am I eligible for other benefits? Check out this benefit finder oksnap and find out. Find benefits. This information was compiled by Providers from publicly available government websites.

Please check in with your local office if you have questions. Oksnap Created with Sketch.


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