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In a LDR and we have skype sex every now and again but this coming time he wants me to call the shots for what he should do on cam for me usually he tells me different positions to do and different things he wants to see. Im having trouble coming up skype sex reddit ideas for new ways for me to see him. Any Suggestions? How else aside from lingerie can we spice up our LDR sex life? Play stripping games with each other with naughty penalties that the other part gets to decide. If you're not already, talk dirty to each other. It's all about the details of what you're going to do.

The same goes for him. I usually lurk but something he has done that turned me on recently was letting me watch him while he took a shower. It was so sexy just watching his body candidly. Haha your guy is like me. See, I'm kinda submissive and I'd like my girl to boss me around a skype sex reddit when on skype. Me, on the other hand, I LOVE telling her what position to get it, what to do with herself for me, etc. I'm just a visual guy, and she is the sweetest because as long as it's not too much I'm kinda kinky and sometimes want too much in the heat of the momentshe will always do it to please me.

So my advice, just try thinking, what part of his body do you like the most? Do you like seeing his face when he masturbates, or his crotch, or both? He could be sitting, lying down, on the side, maybe you want to hear him moans when he masturbates, want him to tell you what he imagines doing to you etc. I suspect that your girl and I fall into the same boat here, it is often just hard to think what to ask for at the moment. So thank you!

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Some of your suggestions are great and i will definitely use them! Tried this last night and it was amazing. Very hot and erotic.

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He can also strip for you which is another huge turn on. I love it when he tells me what to do when we are playing. It's more of a this is what I'm doing to you and I can match what he's doing with my toy. Very hot for us both. Skype Sex Ideas.

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Posted by 6 years ago. Sort by: best. Masturbate together. Your lady boner will rage. Oh this is such a brilliant idea! Thank you! More posts from the LongDistance community.

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Skype sex reddit

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