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Shawnette Wilson details how drug dealers are using Snapchat in Bucks County to widen their reach among teens.

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I liken it to a person that's seeking to fish, to catch a fish, and they put lines in the water, and they only have to catch one fish to make a victim," Bucks County District Attorney Matthew Weintraub explained to FOX 29's Shawnette Wilson.

It can happen on any online application, but in two recent cases in the county, Weintraub says the perpetrators used Snapchat. One of the suspects has been identified as year-old Bahodir Jamolov. The other is year-old Steve Chong. Investigators say they sold drugs to their victims, teenage girls under the age of 15, who they met and made deals with on Snapchat.

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The investigation began last January when, according to two Newtown Township Police affidavits of probable cause, a parent reported that her daughter was sick after taking a drug the night before, along with two other teen friends who were all at the house. Police said one of the other teens had brought the drugs there. The woman's daughter was treated at St.

Mary Medical Center and the drug was believed to be acid.

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Further investigation revealed that one of the teens told police in an interview she had bought 15 acid tabs in December of last year from a person she met on Snapchat. She then met with that person at the Newtown Skate Park and told police she had bought illegal drugs from another Snapchat in the past.

Those transactions all dated back to October of Investigators also say they found video of sex acts saved to the Snapchat app involving a victim and a suspected dealer. One was 'techninja1' and one was 'nazplug,' and work back from there, work back to the source and identify who these people actually were," Weintraub explained. Investigators say Snapchat teen girls fled to Korea after they seized his phone and before being arrested. He remains at large and is also charges as a fugitive. Talk to our kids everyday, but I'm hoping this story that you're doing will give some parents a reason to talk to their kids tonight at the dinner table.

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Doylestown Township police stop aggressive drivers during campaign to reinforce safety on ro. Bucks County non-profit brings online safety to students in Bristol Twp. School District.

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Drug dealers using Snapchat to connect with teenage girls in Bucks County, DA says Shawnette Wilson details how drug dealers are using Snapchat in Bucks County to widen their reach among teens.

Snapchat teen girls

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