Spitting during sex

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If the thought of someone drooling or spitting on you or you do it to someone turns you on, then you most likely have a drool kink.

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In fact, this is a much more common kink than you can imagine. Using your own spit on your partner while having sex, as lubrication, may seem natural to some and if you're into it, it could lead to a steamy sesh in the bedroom. Also Read: Drool play is a thing! If spit turns you on, you shouldn't be ashamed! From the psychology behind why you may be into it to whether it is actually hygienic to indulge in it, this is everything you need to know about spitting and sex.

The act of using spit as lube is not common and comes naturally to many.

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Spitting during sex has become quite normalised and it has even made it into the meme world. So while spitting during sex has been around for quite some time and a lot more people than any of us could've imagined seem to be into it, the looming question still lingers- why do people really even do it?

Ever since we were kids, we were often taught that spitting is a bad habit and we shouldn't practice it, however, spitting during sex is fairly common. Justin Lehmiller, a research fellow at the Kinsey Institute and author of the blog Sex and Psychologyconducted a study revolving around sexual fantasies.

For his book Tell Me What You Wanthe conducted a survey of 4, Americans and asked them about their sexual fantasies. Even various Reddit thre agree with this and go on about how it is in fact a very common trend seen in Dom-sub relationships. Similarly, spitting is also seen spitting during sex a lot of BDSM relationships. The social content of spitting has always been equated to humiliation, degradation or blatant disrespect and this is exactly how it is seen in a BDSM relationship too.

Another reason why someone could find spitting during sex attractive is that it could also be seen as another form of penetration. While we may now understand why drool play is a real turn on for some and you may even be intrigued enough to try it, the act of such exchange of spit could be worrisome for some.

In the time of spitting during sex where doctors have even advised people on wearing masks during sex, one cannot help but wonder, how safe is it really to use spit during sex? Any person who has had sex has faced the situation where sometimes for some reason, things are a bit dry down there. However, doctors usually advice against it for these reasons. The possibility of oral cancer being spread through oral se x is real and this is why healthcare workers advise people to even have protected oral sex!

For instance, if your partner has an active herpes lesion then using their spit as lube on you could very well result with you having genital herpes. In fact, this is one of the most common ways genital herpes transmits from one sexual partner to another as most of the time, it is asymptomatic. Even if you or your partner do not have any visible cold sores on the mouth, the virus is still extremely transmissible. Although HIV transmission via spitting could be unlikely, it is not entirely impossible.

We are all aware that bacteria are present everywhere in our body. However, the bacteria that is present in our mouth and saliva is very different from the one that is present in our vagina. In addition to the bacteria, our saliva also contains certain digestive enzymes that aid in the breaking down of food. When these digestive enzymes are introduced to the bacteria present in the vagina, the severe imbalance could occur. You could upset your vaginal microbiome which would, in turn, leave you susceptible to developing a yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis.

While people who are heavy into drool play may disagree, spit technically has no qualities that would make it a good lubricant. Lubricants were made to develop in such a way that they mimic the texture, consistency and feel of the very lubrication that your own body produces. Any sort of friction, even if it is minute, could cause serious pain to the vagina as well as an anus. Apart from being extremely uncomfortable and unpleasant, lack of good frictionless lube will result in tears and nicks in these regions and that is something we absolutely do not want. If you or your partner are really eager to try this out in the bedroom, it should be an act that is carefully discussed consensually with your partner while practising safe sex.

A way that you could responsibly indulge in this by making sure both you and your partner are well hydrated and in good health with no open cuts or cold sores. With movies like 50 shades of grey or days heavily influencing our sex lives, it seems like everyone these days has a kink. Similarly, some people are really into drool play. Category Culture. Spitting during sex 28, May 13, From the psychology behind why you may be into it to whether it is actually hygienic to indulge in it, this is everything you need to know about spitting and sex- Do people really spit during sex?

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