What is a cuckold fetish

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Some might find the idea of watching their partner in bed with someone else as nightmarish, so unthinkable that the mere thought triggers intense jealousy. For others, it could be a total turn-on. Unfamiliar with this particular brand of kink?

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Perhaps you learned of it just recently via the scandal involving Jerry Falwell, Jr. Either way, you should know that cuckolding is actually a surprisingly common fetish, and there are many misconceptions about what it entails. According to certified clinical sexologist Dr. But what about this particular fetish exactly makes it so popular? And can it ever actually work within the framework of a healthy relationship? We spoke to three sex experts to get the lowdown on cuckolding especially why some people find it hot AF.

Basically, cuckolding involves someone getting aroused by what is a cuckold fetish their partner having sex with someone else. According to Dr. Michael, cuckolding is primarily a male-driven fantasy. A survey of about 4, Americans conducted by Justin Lehmiller, founder and editor of Sex and Psychology, revealed that more than half of men and about a third of women had fantasized about cuckolding. Clinical sexologist and relationship expert Dr.

Laurel Steinberg, PhDnotes that for some, the act serves as a confirmation of just how hot their partner is, which can be a nice ego boost. It can be more animalistic and sexual and stimulate partners mentally. But for lots of people, the enjoyment that comes from cuckolding stems from the thrill of breaking conventional societal rules around monogamy and marriage. For cuckolding to go down as part of a healthy, happy relationship, both partners need to be on board.

Be as descriptive as possible, including discussing how you relate to the event when it is over. With many cuckold experiences, the husband is the one wanting to watch his wife have sex with another man, and in many instances be submissive and either just want to watch or have some involvement.

Not all situations of cuckold fall into a specific category, so it really needs to be discussed what the expectations are. Very often, cuckolding works out better in fantasy than it does when it plays out in real life. Since acting on this fantasy can be a big step in any relationship, Frost highly advises starting slow with a gradual ease into the full thing. Frost also points out that for some couples, just talking about or entertaining the possibility of cuckolding can be enough to turn them on.

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An example could be discussing what they would want to see their partner do with someone else, or by having their partner tell them about past sexual encounters. Is cuckolding for everyone? Certainly not. Search AskMen Search. Messages You have no messages. Notifications You have no notifications.

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What is a cuckold fetish

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What Is Cuckolding? Everything to Know About This Common Fetish