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A lot of people appreciate porn stars for their steamy sex scenes, and we bet that a lot of them have added new passion to many of your relationships — as well as your sexual fantasies. But do we give attention to the best female porn starsthe ones who make all this possible? Sure, you already know about James Deen and Evan Stonebut what about the ladies who are killing it in porn? Some of porn's biggest actresses are up to some pretty incredible things, on and off the set. If you aren't familiar with adult entertainment stars like Casey Calvert, India Summer, and Jessica Drake already, you definitely should be.

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While sadly none of these ladies are currently on the Oscars red carpet, they are getting lots of other accolades, and are a must-consider for your next DVD purchase. This new generation of female porn stars is smart, quick-witted, and are challenging misconceptions. They're even making sex education videos. Beauty, brains, and tons of sex appeal.

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These seven must-know ladies of porn have a lot going on, and if you aren't already familiar with their work, it's time to get onboard! She doesn't.

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Casey represents the new generation or adult performers today. Women who are college educated [University of Florida] and self-possessed. Women who made a conscious, well-thought-out decision to enter into the adult world for the right reasons. Women like her will be the ones to ultimately change the industry, and perhaps even shift mainstream's views of what porn really is. JamesDirector for New Sensations.

She is not here by accident, and she performs with an eye on her adult legacy. She also happens to possess unique range, both sexually and emotionally, which allows her to play a variety of roles with distinctive force. Finally, her work ethic is unparalleled. Having worked with her on what was one of the most complex and demanding movies in the history of adult, I have seen firsthand how dedicated she is to delivering a stellar performance.

More importantly, India is smart, quick-witted, extremely funny, and emotionally present. Due to the nature of the business, most performers learn how to protect themselves emotionally and build strong walls in the process. Marriage 2. Her work knows no boundaries, challenging heteronormativity, destabilizing gender, normalizing 'niche' sexual proclivities, and blending —isms conventionally thought to be at odds with one another.

She strives for excellence in her chosen occupation. Her Naked with Chanel web series is a great, accessible way for people to learn about sex — something everyone needs at least a little. She has a who is the best female pornstar understanding and talent for the kind of sexuality and hot sex that makes fans go crazy.

And she didn't even begin performing in adult movies until she was Now she balances running a construction company full-time with her career as a porn star and a Girlfriends Films contract performer — truly remarkable. For years, she has starred in many of the top-selling adult movies of all times, earning three AVN Best Actress Awards for her efforts. Now, in addition to performing, she's turned her attention to creating sex education movies, finding a way to make it sexy and interesting.

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For anyone interested in buying their first porn movie, you can't go wrong with anything starring Jessica" — Jeff Dillon, vice president of Game Link. She and her husband Ryan came up with an original concept: a site called Pornfidelitywhich featured the real-life couple frolicking with female adult performers. Well over a decade later, Kelly still performs, while also co-producing and handling art direction. Together, the couple creates erotica with a sense of fun and intimacy that sets it apart from porn stereotypes.

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By Aly Walansky. Casey Calvert.

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